The Importance of Surfing the Web Anonymously

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Why it is important to browse the web anonymously? Well, some people think that doing so makes me very suspicious, “what do I need to hide?” they say. It all comes down to one basic answer, “I give more value to my privacy.”

The Importance of Surfing the Web Anonymously

For the record, it doesn’t mean that just because an individual values his/her privacy doesn’t instantly make him/her some kind of a criminal. I mean, it’s the same feeling about installing a CCTV in your home or in your office. Certainly, if there’s nothing to hide then there’s any reason not to agree and consider the crimes that might have been prevented if all of us had them installed in our houses.

The above situation may be an extreme example however; it’s close from the truth. Currently, the EU have passed a directive 2006/2004/EC that mandates every ISP must be recorded for every single email sent and web page visited for two years.

Added to this, numerous countries are planning to follow the UK lead to store all this data on a central database and have it available to certain agencies. Yes, you read it right! Every web page you visit will be recorded in two years’ time.

So what will be the use of this information?

The Importance of Surfing the Web Anonymously

Those who agree of this will say that such will be utilized in catching bad people online, fraudsters, terrorist and trap pedophiles too. However, on the other side it can affect ordinary individuals as well as it can divulge a great amount of information from then ready to be mistreated, omitted and lost. Remember, we are in a society wherein random decisions are made for our aptness at all times. Usually, those who smokes aren’t permitted to foster kids in UK for instance while those parents who use drugs and abuse their kids are supported actively “to keep their family tie”.

Sometimes, life is black and white and facts from a computer are mostly confusing. If you come to think of it, it’s pretty sure that there are many cases that you can think of where similar information like this can be unfairly used and will probably victimize and speak ill of people.

Knowing the harmful things that may happen to us users of the web especially when it comes to our privacy, then we should find correct and effective measures to counteract these. One of which can be do through anonymous browsing so as you can ensure that your every web surfing is safe from suspicious individuals and your online activities are kept private to yourself.